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Please follow the amnesty link if you want to address the puppet p. on the current administration's lack of respect for world laws on torture.

Kenin Lopsang

Kenin Lopsang
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Here is Kenin Lopsang winking in his office at the Ethnographic Museum in Kyzyl, Tuva.

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Russian water

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Thank Google

Shelley Marlow

Thank Google for not turning over information to the gov.


They are turning figs inside out for information.


What's on your desk?

To print the photos to give to Resa who will return to Moscow and will send the photos inside of Russia, so the package won't get pillaged... I have to move a pile of new books and notice how these books remind me of the pleasure I have with researching projects and books to read.

The Trouble with Testosterone and other Essays on the Biology of the Human Predicament by Robert Sapolsky. My new russian friend Nat Ginberg recommended I read his essay Circling the Blanket of God because Sapolsky writes about a connection between shamans and schizophrenics, since I'm writing about the shamans I hung with in Tuva. And I'm interested in what schizophrenia is really.
The Bonds of Love hard bound catalogue is next in the stack.
Then the Literary Review's Italian issue.
Then Francine Prose's Caravaggio, Painter of Miracles, that Martha gave me for Chrismica.
At the base is Dame Darcy's hardcover comic book MeatCake with silver edged pages gleam and remind me to get back to editing The Piper of Peabody.

Shelley Marlow