invocation to the faeries at 11 pm this sunday @ http://www.mnn.org/

I give my invocation to the faeries this Sunday at
a 13 part weekly series March 19 - June 11 2006.
SUNDAYS @ 11 pm Channel 56
also on the internet at http://www.mnn.org

I will be reading more during a latter show!
This week's episode continues with the struggle of garden politics and history. As we track this history we celebrate the joys and pleasures of the garden - Happy faces of neighbors gathering and the blooming flowers of early Spring, yoga by Nammi Lee, poetry of Shelley Marlow, mural painting by GRRRR (Ingo Geizendanner), a zany homage by Brandon Olson to Alice in Wonderland. Oh you'll also see Peter Cramer at City Hall!


Trip report

Regarding Maryanne's question about the ghost:
The ghost visited me in a lucid dream. I was on a boat, a large out of control boat. Once I solved the problem of the speeding boat, by saying we should drop the engine or put a hole in the bottom to slow it down, the scene changed. I was in the middle of motorcycle traffic then a horse race, shutting my eyes, then opening up and I was in a horse driven carriage from the 16th century passing by people that had the plague. I was awake in the dream the whole time and aware that someone was taking me on a trip. I was very disturbed once I opened my eyes to wake up. This took place in a fancy old hotel in Rome. We were staying within walking distance of the writer that an old ghost had punched in the nose. I wasn't sure I could help her after meeting this old ghost because I'd only dealt with 100 or 200 year old ghosts in America. None from 500 years ago. The young writer canceled saying she was sick.
I'm putting together a package for the italian editors and will include a bag of smudging sage for our young writer friend to burn for protection.

Manhattan Cable TV show!


I will be one of the presentors sometime this season. I will post as soon as I find out.


in berlin

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another quote on love

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.

Vincent Van Gogh


Back From Europe

Piper Peabody has been changed slightly where the women are sent to see a play about Amazons from Siberia and Mongolia meeting the ancient women rulers of Crete.

New photographs from the recent trip will be up shortly!

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