invocation to the faeries at 11 pm this sunday @ http://www.mnn.org/

I give my invocation to the faeries this Sunday at
a 13 part weekly series March 19 - June 11 2006.
SUNDAYS @ 11 pm Channel 56
also on the internet at http://www.mnn.org

I will be reading more during a latter show!
This week's episode continues with the struggle of garden politics and history. As we track this history we celebrate the joys and pleasures of the garden - Happy faces of neighbors gathering and the blooming flowers of early Spring, yoga by Nammi Lee, poetry of Shelley Marlow, mural painting by GRRRR (Ingo Geizendanner), a zany homage by Brandon Olson to Alice in Wonderland. Oh you'll also see Peter Cramer at City Hall!


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