request for help from my friends in Russia

we have a crisis. lately few lesbiclubs had been smashed in Moskow. few people had precipices, victims were there. but press and means mass information are silenting about it. on the days skinheads were beating 2 lesbi in Piter, close by nightclub "3L". our government with church are "rising" against us. skinheads follow after us. we are afraiding of our people. we are unknowing what to be further. we are afraiding that "war" will begin. we are having not enought informaition. but we are geting ready for the worst. maybe we having exeggeration.
do you know were we could find support and help? organizations, e-mail,...
thanks a lot.
excuse my english.

Please email sfmarlowatmindspring.com if you can assist me in responding to their request for help. Thank you!


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