Saturday, April 29 United for Peace and Justice, NYC March

Yes, I was there... I was with my girlfriend, and we joined a small group of the Raging Grannies against the war... and their granddaughters. They chanted their own songs (http://www.janrainwater.com/lyrics.htm) with megaphones in front of loud Vets Against the War who were megaphoning a sound off.

In Chinatown, the Vets sounded off: We Love Grannies Against the War! Sound off, One Two....

...and the Grannies sang a love song back to the Vets...

a very touching moment.


Blogger kurt said...

my french teacher last night was enthusing the grannies. she said it was such a great idea -- the way they were volunteering to go to war instead of the young men -- like something out of Voltaire.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Shelley Marlow said...

something was lost in translation, but how charming.
When is your Chaud Lapin CD coming out by the way?

3:02 PM  

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