rain storm approaching

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LTTR issue # V is out now

OH MY GODDESS! I LOVE the art collective LTTR.

At the Ny release party I luckily caught the wonderful performance of cover songs.... including one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs, by __________ I have to find out their names.

I am honored to be among the contributors to this fantastic LTTR issue V Nasty.

LTTR link

found at printed matter and spoonbill sugartown booksellers in williamsburg, ny

X-Ray Specs: Poly Styrene, Jack Airport, inspiration


One of my favorite sentences written by Proust

And at that hour when the sun’s rays, coming from different aspects and, as it were, from different hours of the day, broke the angles of the wall, thrust in a reflection of the beach, made of the chest of drawers a festal altar, variegated as a bank of field-flowers, attached to the wall the wings, folded, quivering, warm, of radiance that would, at any moment, resume its flight, warmed like a bath a square of provincial carpet before the window overlooking the well, which the sun festooned and patterned like a climbing vine, added to the charm and complexity of the room’s furniture by seeming to pluck and scatter the petals of the silken flowers on the chairs, and to make their silver threads stand out from the fabric, this room in which I lingered for a moment before going to get ready for our drive suggested a prism in which the colours of the light that shone outside were broken up, or a hive in which the sweet juices of the day which I was about to taste were distilled, scattered, intoxicating, visible, a garden of hope which dissolved in a quivering haze of silver threads and rose leaves. Marcel Proust

Do email if you want info about the LTTR release party or the Gene Frankel Theater benefit tonight!

5 minute interview at Kathryn Koromilas's literary blog


happy birthday, Martha

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